We reach out and grab relevant content from news sites, Social Media, blogs, apps, videos, ...
Our bots extend into the core of the content source to pull the information of interest to you.

Reading & Authorization
Accessing, reading, loading content into our data engines. Custom techniques and permissions need to be in place to read and collect the information.

Discarding irrelevant data and non-human readable data components. An article you read online have complex components that come together to display the article. We filter them all out to give you exactly what you want.

Technology Engine
The magic that happens behind the scene is thanks to advanced custom-built engines lovingly built by our talented team. The latest technologies on cloud distributed servers act as the backbone.
Communication Engine: Speaks the technical language 
Geolocation Engine: Cater to different locations 
Push Agent: Keep user apps up to date
Language Engine: Mold to need languages
Alerting Engine: Craft the notification system
AD Engine: Spread your ads and host ads
Media Engine: Support all types of media
Reporting & Analytics Engine: Get detailed analytics of how your app progress
Mobilepasse Display Network
Processed content is displayed beautifully for  our consumption on your preferred medium of tablets, mobile, and desktop. Start consuming content on one device and continue it on another as you move through your busy day.